Automatic shrink packing machine

    • Characteristic
    1.The machine adopt high quality PLC control.
    2.Human-Machine Interface adopt color touch screen.
    3.Waste film collect device.
    4. Product touch part adopt stainless steel .
    5.Bag length, speed and temperature can be adjusted independence, easy to operate.
    6. The machine can be equipped with date printer.
    Model AB-590H
    Max. film width 590mm
    Packing Speed(Adjustable) 30-150 bag/min
    Film thickness (POF) 0.018-0.06mm
    Bag Length 120–530mm
    Product Width 30–200mm
    Product Height 30–130mm
    Power Supply Host machine 220V , 50Hz
    Shrink machine 380V, 50Hz
    Machine Size (L * W * H) Host machine 5000* 1105* 1750mm
    Shrink machine 2500* 600* 1700mm
    Machine Weight Host machine 1000 Kg
    Shrink machine 600 Kg

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