Shrink packing machine

Shrink packing machine
This Shrink packaging machine is suit for packing food, medicine, beverage, bowl noodles, milk tea, mosquito-repellent incense, wallpaper, exercise book, filter, electric switch, fresh-keeping film, garbage bag, stationery, industrial parts and cosmetics, bath bomb etc.
Product Case
Shrink packing machine
Product Characteristics


The color touch screen control system, driven by three servo motors, is easy to operate, high stability, high packaging efficiency and low failure rate. The bag length, speed and temperature can be adjusted independently, and the operation is convenient and accurate.

Cut-proof safety clutch without damaging packaging.

High sensitivity photoelectric eye color mark tracking, mathematically input the sealing position, so that the sealing position is more accurate.

Temperature independent PID control, better suitable for all kinds of coating materials.

Positioning stop function, no sticking knife, no waste of film.

The transmission system is simple, reliable and easy to maintain.

Cut to the product automatically reversed, restart directly after boot convenient operation.

Increase waste recycling device, make packaging more beautiful, save about 20% - 30% material than traditional folding packaging machine.

It can be equipped with a typewriter or a jet printer without manual use.

With motor brake control, the equipment is sensitive.

High efficiency double temperature zone, high efficiency hot air circulation, automatic temperature control to ensure the quality of shrinkage.


Technical Parameter




Max. film width


Packing Speed(Adjustable)


Film thickness (POF)


Bag Length



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